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What will be the impact of today's decisions, tomorrow? With Decision Intelligence, and Quantellia's award-winning World Modeler™ software, you can understand the future impact of decisions made today. Built by Decision Intelligence pioneers, World Modeler™ allows users to rapidly create an interactive decision simulation that illustrates how decisions flow through a cause-and-effect model to impact outcomes.  With the ability to draw from a variety of enterprise and / or web-based data sources in real time, World Modeler™ is first-to-market for the new business discipline of Decision Intelligence. Quantellia offers decision science consulting and training, along with its software platform, to a network of professional decision modelers and partners. It also offers line-of-business applications like its new Decision Engineering for Enterprise Program Management (DEEPM™) solution.

Leadership Team


Mark Zangari

Mark Zangari, CEO

As Quantellia's CEO, Mark Zangari works closely with the company's global customers, providing technical and business leadership. He was formerly CTO for SPATIALinfo, Inc., where he spearheaded the launch of the company's US operations and growth into a leading provider of network modeling solutions for the telecommunications and utilities sectors.  In addition to his management experience, Zangari is an accomplished software architect, designer, and developer.

Zangari has an extensive and multidisciplinary background in both advanced research as well as commercial software product development. During the early 1990s, Zangari was principal architect of the STATPLAY software system—a ground-breaking tool that improved the performance of decision makers when reasoning with statistical data. Zangari holds degrees in physics, philosophy, and computer science. In 1993, he was awarded the British Council Postgraduate Bursary for his research, leading to an advanced physics fellowship at Cambridge University.  Zangari co-founded Quantellia with Lorien Pratt.

Email: mark.zangari@quantellia.com
Tel: +1 303.717.4221


Lorien Pratt 

Lorien Pratt, Chief Scientist

As Chief Scientist, Dr. Lorien Pratt is responsible for ensuring continuous innovation to meet market needs, and for evangelizing Decision Science. In this role, she combines her market analysis background with technology and scientific expertise in neural networks, machine learning, analytics, artificial intelligence, and decision making. She founded Quantellia following a 30-year career in consulting, software development, and academic research.

Pratt previously served as global director of telecommunications research for Stratecast (a division of Frost & Sullivan) and also worked at Bellcore and IBM. A graduate of Dartmouth College and Rutgers University, she holds three degrees in computer science. A recipient of the CAREER award from the National Science Foundation, and the author of dozens of technical papers and articles, Pratt is also a well-known speaker, author, and co-editor of the book Learning to Learn. Based in the Denver area, she co-founded Quantellia with Mark Zangari.

Email: lorien.pratt@quantellia.com
Tel: +1.303.589.7476


Margaret Littlefield Johnson

Margaret Littlefield Johnson, SVP of Strategic Engagement

Margaret Littlefield Johnson is Senior Vice President of Strategic Engagement for Quantellia, responsible for Quantellia's worldwide partner program, customer engagement, and marketing initiatives. Johnson brings more than thirty years of experience in the technology consulting field to the role, most recently with Oakwood Systems Group, Inc., a St. Louis, MO-based technology and business consulting firm, where she served as Managing Director for Marketing & Partner Engagement. During her eight-year tenure, Oakwood won several Microsoft Partner of the Year Awards, including one specifically for Marketing Excellence.

Previous roles include management positions with systems integration firms Results Technology and Dynamic Computer Solutions, both based in Kansas City, MO. Earlier in her career, Johnson wrote several complex data management systems, including an asset management program for a self-insured major US university, the group management program for one of America’s largest insurance providers, and a plant floor ticketing system for what was then the largest bituminous materials provider in the US. Johnson has been writing and speaking on topics related to corporate strategy and leveraging technology to solve business problems for many years, and is the primary author of Quantellia’s Decision Intelligence Blog (www.decisionnut.com). Margaret works from Quantellia's office in St. Louis, Missouri.

Email: margaret.johnson@quantellia.com
Tel: +1.314.604.0945

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