...you could move beyond managing projects and programs to assuring financial and operational outcomes across the enterprise?

Large enterprise projects usually interact with many different departments, affecting, and being affected by, financials and operations across your the organization.  By automatically tracking these complex interactions, and through simulating future problems and business outcomes, Quantellia's DEEPM™ solution maximizes value while minimizing cost and risk.

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Decision Engineering for Enterprise Program Management (DEEPM™)

Tools for managing portfolios of projects and programs focus on providing functions to help managers bring their projects in on time and on budget. But in most cases, large projects interact with many different departments throughout an enterprise, affecting, and being affected by, the financials of various business units and how they operate. External effects like these are difficult to foresee and control from most project management tools, as such tools concentrate heavily on managing the activities and resources internal to the project 

Most programs have complex interactions with the operating businesses in which they are taking place. Failure to manage these interactions can result in dramatic losses of efficiency, both in the program, and in the affected business units: loss of up to 20% of the potential program business case is not uncommon.

To assure success, managers of enterprise programs must be able to:

  • Foresee the impact of program decisions upon operational and financial outcomes.
  • Use predicted outcomes to guide planning decisions.
  • Assess the effects that decisions made outside the program will have on program milestones and financial outcomes.
  • Quickly assess the impact of changes to the planning baseline and assure that such changes can be feasibly implemented in a way that complies with both program and operational business rules.

Quantellia's DEEPM™ solution Screenshot of Decision Engineering for Enterprise Program Management (DEEPM™)  

Quantellia’s Decision Engineering for Enterprise Program Management (DEEPM) solution, based on the World Modeler™ platform, fills the gap between traditional program/project management tools, and operational systems. It provides automation, and therefore higher accuracy and productivity, of governance, assurance, and decision-making processes that span not just the project or program, but many operational departments as well. For example, changing the completion date of a milestone may change the revenue targets for one department, the cost allocation of shared resources in several other departments, and, 12 months from now, will result in a supplier contract penalty clause coming into force.

Key Benefits of DEEPM™:

  • Assurance of not only program outcomes, but business operational and financial outcomes affected by the program, but not part of it.
  • Ability to include business rules that are outside the program, but affect it, in the decision model.
  • Greater visibility of sources of risk and their impacts on both program and broader business and financial outcomes.
  • Earlier advanced warning of potential risks, resulting in more time to take corrective action.
  • Extensive automation of typically manual tasks, such as in-flight change impact analysis.

Quantellia deployed DEEPM™ and our Decision intelligence methodology at a major financial institution, saving an estimated tens of millions of dollars.   Download the DEEPM fact sheet.

Contact our Enterprise Program Management team to learn more.

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