...you could use your existing data, along with the experience of your staff, to make better decisions, faster?

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Effective Decision Making

Quantellia's World Modeler™ software and Decision Intelligence methodology allow you to understand the impact of decisions you make in an easy-to-use visual tool, answering the essential question:

What will be the impact of today's decision, tomorrow?

Rather than simply providing facts and figures, leaving the interpretation to the decision maker, World Modeler shows you how today's decisions impact future outcomes, under a given set of conditions.  It uses a visual display to show how the decision impacts key parts of your organization, leading ultimately to outcomes of interest.

Today's tools—decision support and business intelligence software—are inherently backward-looking, because they rely on data about the past and present. Quantellia's World Modeler™ software and Decision Intelligence Professional Services allow decision makers to reason about cause-and-effect, and to understand the future impact of decisions upon business and policy outcomes such as margin, life expectancy, GDP, and brand.   Quantellia allows you to generate the greatest value possible from your sunk costs in data repositories such as spreadsheets, dashboards, business intelligence systems, data warehouses, databases, and data cubes.

World Modeler™ is an enterprise-scale decision design tool. Using our Decision Intelligence methodology, your team will understand the key elements of a decision, including decision levers, outcomes, goals, outcomes, causes and effects, and external impacts (situational awareness).

Quantellia solutions improve cross-organizational decision making when:

  • Decisions are complex
  • Time is constrained
  • Complete data is unavailable
  • The environment changes rapidly
  • Data must be combined with expert judgment
  • Multiple bottom lines must be satisfied, including short- and long-term goals, along with intangibles like morale and customer satisfaction

Benefits include:

  • Recover lost revenue opportunities hidden between operational silos
  • Use data more cost-effectively by understanding the data needs of specific decisions, rather than mining every available data source Learn More»
  • Make better decisions, faster
  • Create a learning organization through continuous improvement
  • Align  your entire organization around your decision rationale
  • Become more agile: by embedding the Assess/Decide/Act cycle into operational monitoring Learn More»
  • Reduced dependence upon outside resources: World Modeler™ is a leave-behind tool that your staff can use to change models themselves

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