...you could understand the complex relationships between risk, compliance, and governance requirements, and make effective decisions accordingly?

Quantellia's World Modeler™ visually models and simply represents systems with arbitrary complexity, providing program managers with the tools they need to save money and time.

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Governance, Risk, and Compliance

Major programs carry major risks. To mitigate these, an effective governance program is essential. Yet, without adequate monitoring and enforcement, even the most stringent governance policies will have little effect on containing program costs and schedules and ensuring quality outcomes within the constraints of compliance.

One of the many challenges facing program managers as they attempt to implement robust governance practices is the sheer complexity of the programs for which they are responsible; there are too many variables to track, and each one is often interconnected with many others, often spanning the entire scope of the organization. For this reason, timely data regarding program progress is difficult to obtain and to manage.

World Modeler™ visually models and simply represents systems with arbitrary complexity. This provides program managers with the tools they need to understand interdependencies, to specify rules that define governance policies, to integrate with real-time operational data, and to detect noncompliance during planning, long before costly mistakes are made in the field.

World Modeler™ helps you to clearly visualize the interdependencies between silos within your organization and to identify cost savings and new revenue opportunities. Managers can foresee and rectify decisions that improve performance in one silo only to have negative effects elsewhere.

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