Quantellia Announces Release of World Modeler 7.2

Breakthrough Decision Intelligence software supercharges big data

Denver, CO – March 17, 2014 – Quantellia, LLC, worldwide leaders in the emerging field of Decision Intelligence, announces that it has today released version 7.2 of its award-winning World Modeler™ software platform.

World Modeler 7.2 adds Decision Optimization: the ability to fix outcomes and have the system determine the optimal settings for levers. A new data canvas feature, which adds over a dozen animated data visualizations, as well as improved data binding and an improved data display, are also featured.

According to Dr. Lorien Pratt, Quantellia’s Chief Scientist, “Version 7.2 is our most robust software release to date, and the new optimization capability is a tremendous breakthrough. Prior versions of World Modeler answered the question, ‘If we make these decisions today, how will they impact my future?’ We can now also answer the question, ‘If this is the future I want, what decisions do we need to make today?’” Quantellia showcased this optimization capability in a web event, available here.

Concurrent with the release of 7.2, Quantellia also unveiled its new Help Center, a knowledge and support portal for World Modeler users. The Help Center includes “Getting Started with World Modeler,” a series of videos and materials designed to allow software purchasers to start building models in minutes. “The response to our Help Center has been tremendous,” said Dr. Pratt, “and we’ve seen new users of the software become productive decision modelers in record time.”  View a sample of Help Center materials here.

World Modeler is the platform for Decision Intelligence, a business discipline pioneered by Quantellia and gaining worldwide acceptance. Adopters of Decision Intelligence and World Modeler come from a broad range of industries, including the US Federal Government, Banking and Financial Services, Insurance, Healthcare, Telecom, and NGOs dealing with the problems of emerging nations.

About Quantellia, LLC

Quantellia ( is the market leader in the emerging field of Decision Intelligence, providing solutions to the world’s knottiest problems for global business organizations and world government entities. Quantellia enables organizational leaders to quickly and effectively deal with unprecedented levels of complexity, driven by globalization, technology, shortening time frames, and an increasingly volatile environment. Quantellia’s solutions help its customers to better visualize and manage the complex interdependencies that frequently overwhelm decision makers. For a specific example of how Quantellia solution saved one organization tens of millions of dollars, read the case study here. Stay up to date with Quantellia on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and join the LinkedIn Group, “Effective Decision Making in the Midst of Complexity.”

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