...you could instantly see the bottom-line impact of allocating scarce resources and capital to different needs within your organization?

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Resource Allocation

Multiple projects across your organization compete for resources. Should you allocate key assets to this group or that one? What will produce the greatest benefit to your company? Quantellia's World Modelerâ„¢ helps you foresee the impact of today's decisions on your most important business metrics.

For example, one of the most challenging problems faced by organizations with capital-intensive requirements is to determine how to allocate capital and by how much. Should I raise prices to control demand, or should I lower prices to increase demand, which may require an increase in infrastructure as well?

Managing resources in a large organization is not unlike the problem faced by these disaster teams: how do human or capital resource allocations, made over time, cascade through your company to impact business outcomes?

Quantellia's instant visual what-if analysis improves resource allocation through providing greater insight into the impacts of resourcing choices for both personnel and materiel.  Deployed worldwide, our World Modeler™ software visually displays the impact of resourcing decisions upon schedule, cost, sales effectiveness, brand, health, and other metrics that are critical to the sucess of your overall organization: not just one department at a time. World Modeler™ answers important questions for your business or government organization:

  • How will offsetting some of my potential profit to train my sales force impact my product's financial performance?
  • What is the impact of deploying a new technology that stresses the capabilities and capacity of my core infrastructure?
  • When will my plan to invest in improved customer experience, leading to increasing brand-related revenues, break even?
  • If I spend my limited health care budget on medicine, and don't provide extra training for doctors, how will that impact mortality rates?
  • What is the effectiveness of humanitarian assistance towards my policy goals, compared to military support?

Answers to the above questions require an integrated, multi-silo, view of your organization. This is not typically provided by spreadsheet, project, or other tools, meant to be used within—not between—departments. To make effective policy and governance decisions, you need a tool that guides your understanding of the cascading effects of resourcing decisions across your organization and beyond it, as well as through time.

In addition, as you modify resourcing decisions in response to changing circumstances, it is essential to be able to explain your rationale and align your organization. The Assess/Decide/Act cycle defined in Quantellia's Decision Intelligence methodology allows you to monitor the impact of important decisions, revisiting them based on automated triggers as circumstances warrant.

Contact Quantellia's Resource Allocation team to learn more.

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